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For us, the goal of our technology is to provide value not just for us but for our customers too, so the big question for us is how do we provide real value for our customers?

We think it’s by having a smart device in your house. One that is incredibly reliable, designed for long term use and comes from a trusted supplier.

The Electricity Storage Company is a platinum partner with the world’s leading domestic battery supplier, sonnen. If you want to find out more about sonnen, click on the image below and you can see what we mean. 

We have worked with them since 2017.  We see their product as being the smartest, longest life, most reliable tech so we are confident installing in our customers’ homes.

The Electricity Storage Company recognises that homes in UK & Ireland tend to be smaller than in Germany where this technology was developed, where these batteries would be installed inside the home. To solve this issue, we can install the device outside your home, freeing up invaluable kitchen, utility room or garage space while still providing your home with this valuable service.


Having a smart device, like a sonnen battery, in your home adds value for you but a single smart device and a single house aren’t enough to provide the value we want to give you.

We want to earn more value for everyone by bringing customers together through our PARIS platform.



PARIS (Predictive Analytical Renewables Integration System) is about data.

Here at The Electric Storage Company we use that data to make one of four choices with every unit of electricity available

Choice 1 – use the electricity produced immediately

Choice 2 – store it for later using our smart device

Choice 3 – trade it on the electricity market and earn value from it

Choice 4 – use the electricity to provide services to the grid and earn value from it.

PARIS predicts and analyses how best to use the renewable energy produced for your benefit.

We can bring these together in a smart way that allows us to predict and analyse when energy is needed and when it will be generated by our customers.

We can help the aging electricity grid by avoiding peak times without denying customers the service they need and the grid pays for this service – we want to share this with our customers.


Traditionally the electricity market limits how customers can use and earn value from renewable energy – The Electricity Storage Company is changing that. We’re putting customers at the heart of electricity because demand needs to be serviced with cheaper, smarter, greener, renewable, predictable energy. The old model of waiting for your bill, worrying how big it will be and how you will afford it is gone.

EFaaS changes all of that.

EFaaS is Energy Flexibility as a Service.

One of the biggest challenges to integrating new technologies into your life is normally the cost. New technology is expensive but it’s a long term investment in your life and the future of our planet. We have been here before with the cost of new technologies, way back when electricity was first made available to the wider public. People wanted these new devices in their homes but they couldn’t afford them so a service was set up to allow people access to this new technology and to make use of the new network that was being built for them.

EFaaS is our version of this service. We can bring you the right tech that lasts a long time, bring it together with our smart PARIS platform and earn more value for you. We will give you the best service and the financial benefit of not having to pay for the equipment up front. We want to democratise the energy market and give you choice and access. With us you can get reliable green, tech in your house straight away.


Have you ever thought about your data? Where it is, what it means, who has it? In our world, everything is based on data and there are many companies and markets today that rely on understanding customer data and behaviour to make money but you get no value out of that. The Electric Storage Company is bringing you the opportunity for your data and your behaviour to earn money for you too. We are disrupting the way that data is used, decentralising the power of electricity companies and aiming to decarbonise our world.

We will help you benefit from your data.


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