What is an Economy 7 Tariff? 

An Economy 7 Tariff, also known as a Day/Night Tariff, is a tariff which splits your electricity use into two categories: Day rates which cover peak times, and Night rates which cover off-peak times. As a result, for seven hours during the night, your electricity rates can be as much as half depending on your electricity provider’s tariffs.  During the winter, night time rates run between 01:00 – 08:00am, while during the summer night rates run between 02:00 – 08:00 am.

Why should I change my tariff to Economy 7?

By changing to an Economy 7 tariff, you will be able to make the most out of the TESC ONE service. TESC ONE’s smart charging capability means it can utilise the cheaper overnight rates to top up your battery’s charge for days when your generation is not forecasted to meet your consumption needs.  

How do I go about changing my tariff? 

Changing your current tariff should be a straightforward process. Contact your electricity supplier to request the change. Most electricity providers can change your tariff remotely, while others may need to install a new meter to do so.

Can I sign up for the service without being on an Economy 7 Tariff? 

Due to the nature of the TESC ONE service, you will only maximise your savings if you are on an Economy 7 tariff. As such, we do not recommend signing up for the service without being on the correct tariff.  

Does the night-time rate compensate for the higher electricity charge during the day? 

While it may seem that an Economy 7 tariff will cost more money than a standard tariff, the savings that Economy 7 tariffs grant in terms of cheap night-time charging, combined with the optimised use of your generation and battery system, will mean that you are guaranteed to see the benefits quickly. 

How are savings estimated on the Customer Portal?

Savings are estimated based on the amount of self-produced electricity you have used during the selected time period, multiplied by the current tariff rate. Please note, the rates cannot be personalised to each individual’s account, so this feature uses PowerNI’s current rates. 

Can I work out my exact savings? 

By identifying your exact electricity tariff, you can use your self-produced energy figures displayed on the Net Hero portal to calculate more accurate savings. 



How do I register on the Net Hero Portal? 

You will receive two emails; one with a registration link to the portal, and another with a Handover Pack. Your handover pack will contain a unique one-time password which you will use for your first login and a User Guide which will guide you through the registration process.  

My registration link has expired. How can I generate a new one? 

If your registration link has expired, enter your email address and one-time password (taken from your handover pack) on the Login screen and select ‘Login’ – this will generate a new registration link.  

Can I use any browser to access the Portal? 

While the portal can be accessed from any browser, it is most compatible with Google Chrome. Therefore, we recommend using Google Chrome to enhance your user experience. 

How do I reset my password? 

If you need to reset your password, access the Login page on the Customer Portal, and select the Reset button. This will take you through a similar process as your initial registration to reset your password. Please note, passwords should include at least 8 characters, including one uppercase character, one lowercase character, a number and a special character (e.g.; !, ?, @). 

How can I get in contact with The Electric Storage Company if I have a question?

In the case that you need you additional support, our TESC support team are on hand to help! We can be reached via (Phone Number) Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, Alternatively you can click here to raise an issue and a member of our team will be in touch ASAP to help.


Can I control when my battery smart charges?

Your system will be controlled automatically by our smart charging algorithm, which will identify the best way to optimise your battery storage for maximum savings. 

What triggers the smart charging process and how far in advance does the system decide to charge the battery?

Our algorithm analyses your expected daily electricity generation and consumption every night at midnight, and forecasts the optimum charging pattern for the day ahead. The algorithm will continue to develop with use, meaning your battery’s optimisation will enhance with time. 

Will my battery charge every night?

The battery will only charge when the algorithm determines that it is of benefit to you to do so, meaning that it won’t necessarily charge every night.  


Is my battery compatible with the service?

The following batteries are compatible with TESC ONE, with a minimum capacity of 7.5kWh:

sonnenBatterie 8

sonnenBatterie 9

sonnenBatterie 10

Do any physical changes need to happen to my system to take part? 

Aside from potentially needing a new meter to change to an Economy 7 Tariff, no physical changes to your existing battery system are needed to benefit from the TESC ONE Service.

Will the service be impacted if my battery goes offline?

The service relies on your battery being online so that our PARIS platform can take data from the battery, analyse it and send charge controls to it. If the battery is offline,  it will not be able to do that and thus you will not get the full benefits of the TESC ONE service. 



Am I eligible for the Free Trial?

Yes, all new and existing customers are eligible to receive the TESC ONE service free of charge, for the first 365 days of the service.

Do I need to resubscribe once the Free Trial concludes?

No, you do not need to resubscribe to the TESC ONE service once the Free Trial ends. Our payment system, Stripe, will securely store your payment details once you subscribe and will only begin to take an annual payment once 365 days have elapsed. You will receive an email from Stripe 7 days beforehand to remind you that payment will be taken.

Can I cancel my subscription to TESC ONE?

Yes,  you can cancel your subscription at any time during the service (including the Free Trial). To cancel, please email info@theelectricstoragecompany.com and a member of our team will be in touch to confirm your subscription has been terminated.  



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