sonnenBatterie eco

The sonnenBatterie eco is the perfect solution for those wanting the greatest possible flexibility. Since it is not bound to any particular photovoltaic system size, its modular design makes it the right companion for you. It can also be easily connected to other power sources and is compatible with a mini wind turbine, a unit or a fuel cell. The  sonnenBatterie eco is also ideally suited for those who  already have a photovoltaic system. It can be easily connected to existing installed systems enabling them to enjoy their solar power day or night.





  • Completely flexible, not bound to any PV system size
  • Intelligent integration, compatible with other electricity sources
  • Ideal for new and existing solar panels
  • Easy connection to existing technology
  • Emergency power capability with the sonnenBackup-Box
  • Smart-home-ready with intelligent accessories
  • AC inverter

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