Cathal Ellis Our first prosumer

The Issue

When we met Cathal, he already had PV and an electric car. He was clearly an early adopter of renewables but frustrated that he was creating energy every day, not able to use all of it every day and had no way to store it.

The Solution

Cathal wanted the first battery fitted as soon as we could make it available. He has been involved in the User Testing of the PowerOn software systems that provide our team with data on the energy he is producing, the energy he is using and the energy he is now able to store. He also gives regular feedback on how the system actually operates in his home. Using the software we provide he can monitor his data every day, on his phone or via the Web.

The Outcome

Since the installation of his first battery Cathal’s car is being fed from energy he was previously wasting. His solar PV has gathered enough energy, stored it in the DEESS he purchased from PowerOn, to enable him to drive with the satisfaction of knowing he is making greater use of renewables, avoiding carbon emissions while he drives and saving himself considerable car running costs.

His system has been so efficient in gathering sunlight, even over the winter, that he is now upgrading his system by a further 50% and also has fitted a low energy electric thermal radiator which is linked by a smart plug to the DEESS which will operate when there is available capacity reducing heating costs.

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