NI domestic electrical energy storage supply (DEESS)

The Issue

With Test 1 having been successful PowerOn proceeded to Test 2. How could DEESS be brought onto the NI power network and, if successful, into the NI market?

The Solution

We worked extensively with Northern Ireland Electricity Networks, who own the power distribution network, NIAUR (Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation), the Consumer Council, NI Housing Executive and the Department for the Economy. Invest NI have supported The Electric Storage Company with Research and Development grants to demonstrate the feasibility or otherwise. A key feature of this trial is that customers who have already invested in renewables could join this field trial by purchasing a DEESS system from the Electric Storage Co.

The Outcome

We firmly believe that energy storage technology can alleviate the pressures that energy costs and restricted choice of fuels bring to social housing tenants. In order to fully test this, for every 10 private customers who purchase a system, we install one system, at our cost, for 1 selected public sector tenant. Both private and social housing can therefore participate in the field trial.

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