Test 1 - Community centre

The Issue

In January this year, TESC installed battery storage on behalf of a local Council into their community centre. When we met with the council they were installing Solar Panels, which they had been unable to connect to the network leaving the existing PV a stranded asset. The council have been keen to advance their innovation agenda and approached TESC for help with steps to improve energy efficiency and one that can fully utilise the investment made. Local residents use the community centre daily and the council wanted the centre to be used as a hub for the community at times of power outages or emergencies


The Solution

Once the PV array was connected we would install DEESS with a storage of 15kWh, with ride through to support emergency lighting at times of power outages allowing the centre to be used as a community hub. The impact will be to lower the cost of energy for the centre and provide them with some back up in the case of an electricity outage. 

Using the software we provide the council can monitor data such as consumption, production, energy storage levels and more, every day, on a phone or via the Web.

The Outcome

Since the installation of the PV array and 15kWh capacity DEESS, the centre has stored and consumed 1,730.5 kWh of energy they would have previously been unable to generate and capture. The solar PV has gathered enough energy, stored it in the DEESS  purchased from TESC, to enable the council to have satisfaction of knowing they are getting the most from the investment, are making greater use of green renewables, helping reduce carbon emission and have a community hub in times of need.  

It is a great example of us working with councils to help improve their use of renewable energy and help bring down costs.


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