Peter - wind turbine

The Issue

In Aug 2019, TESC installed a DEESS on behalf of Peter who lives on the north coast of Northern Ireland. When we met with Peter, he already had a wind turbine installed but Peter wanted to increase his investment in green renewables and reduce his carbon footprint.

Peter challenged TESC to help improve his energy efficiency and utilise the investment made in his wind turbine, that produces energy on instances far outweighing his consumption. Peter wanted to reduce his reliance on the grid and change his high level of exported energy into energy he consumes, thus reducing the need to pay higher unit rate to the grid  than he is paid per exported unit. 

The Solution

TESC supplied and installed DEESS with a storage of 2.5kWh with the ability to increase capacity as needed. The impact will be removing reliance on the network, increased usage of energy generated by the wind turbine, reduce carbon footprint and improve the return on investment in renewables installed.

Using the software, we provided, Peter can now monitor his consumption, production, export, energy storage levels and more, every day, on a phone or via the Web.

The Outcome

During the first 3 months since the installation of 2.5kWh capacity DEESS, Peter is already seeing the savings in his bills with the reduction in energy he would have imported from the grid being provided by the DEESS to meet his consumption at times of low production. 


The wind turbine has gathered enough energy, stored it in the DEESS purchased from TESC, to enable Peter to have satisfaction of knowing he has significantly reduced his reliance on the grid and replaced this with his self-generated green wind energy. Peter is also now getting the most from his investment, helping reduce carbon emissions and is already wanting to expand his system capacity.  The system has proved to be extremely efficient in gathering and storing wind, that Peter is in a prime position to benefit from future changes that gives control back into the hands of prosumers such as Peter.

It is a great example of how wind can be used alongside the DEESS and help in the drive to the UK goal of “net zero” greenhouse gases by 2050.


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