Predictive Analytical Renewables Integration System


PARIS analyses data to accurately predict future energy usage within the home and business – maximising commercial opportunities of renewable energy through the use of battery technology and a Virtual Power Plant, with the customer at the centre of the decision making.

PARIS maximises the value of every unit of energy from renewable sources

PARIS uses advanced data analytics to predict the future energy usage within a home or business

PARIS puts the customer at the centre of the decision making

PARIS makes the concept of the Virtual Power Plant a reality

PARIS predicts and analyses how best to use the renewable energy produced for your benefit.

We can bring this together in a smart way that allows us to predict and analyse when energy is needed and when it will be generated by our customers.

We can help the ageing electricity grid by avoiding peak times without denying customers the service they need and the grid pays for this service – we want to share this with our customers

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