We have an opportunity for you…

As an owner of Solar PV Panels, you understand how renewable energy reduces your bills.  But the majority of owners do not have the opportunity to fully utilise their excess PV electricity.

If you had the ability to:

  1. harvest your excess units
  2. help influence energy policy in Northern Ireland
  3. help revolutionise the electricity market, in a controlled and responsible way

Would that be a change you would want to be part of?

The Electric Storage Company, a division of PowerOn Technologies, who are attempting to do just that.  By recruiting eligible customers, The Electric Storage Company are currently running a research & development project with domestic battery installations in Northern Ireland. This is with the support of Ulster University, Invest NI and NIE Networks.

The graphs below demonstrate the impact on individual households

This project means that you can purchase and install a Lithium Ion Phosphate battery in your home – designed specifically to connect to your PV array – to maximise the usage of your PV generation and reduce your electricity bills and allow you to become a prosumer, participating in the new integrated Single Electricity Market.  You will have instant and daily data on an app on your phone, be part of a wider customer focus group that gives you the opportunity to provide feedback, receive results from the group and follow the progress of the research.

The aim is to open up the electricity market to domestic customers and give you a say in how we can use electricity in a more effective, eco-friendly way, while also participating in the revolution that is about impact on energy providers.

We would like to invite you gain these benefits and to be part of this research by registering your interest here 

It’s a simple process, all you need to do at the moment is say you might be interested. There will be a limited number of installations in each county so if you want to be one of them make sure you register early.

If you have any questions contact The Electric Storage Company here

Thanks for reading, we are excited to see the results of this innovative trial once it’s underway.

The Electric Storage Company