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Your solar PV or wind turbines harvest electricity every day but if you aren’t at home or using smart devices the energy is wasted. When you get home you need to use electricity. So, you have to buy energy from the grid, sound familiar?

Thankfully, technology has caught up and you can now store the electricity you produce. You will no longer need to buy as much energy from the grid, in fact you may also be able to sell the extra electricity produced back to the grid. The Electric Storage Company is the first and only field trial with permission to supply and install battery storage units in domestic properties in Northern Ireland. Our installations are carried out by trained, certified professionals. NIE Networks is supporting our research with Ulster University by giving permission for PowerOn to carry out a field trial to supply and fit 200 Domestic Electrical Energy Storage Systems (smart battery storage units). The battery comes with an app that enables you to manage and control your energy consumption and production. Our DEESS systems are made in Germany, and are built to the highest standards of safety and quality.


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