what is Energy Storage



The Problem

Your solar PV or wind turbines harvest electricity every day, but if you are not at home or using smart devices this energy is wasted. When you get home you need to use electricity. So, you have to buy energy from the grid, sound familiar?

The Solution

Thankfully, technology has caught up and you can now store the electricity you produce. You will no longer need to buy as much energy from the grid, in fact you may also be able to sell the extra electricity produced back to the grid. In addition, with The Electric Storage Company’s smart batteries it may suit your household to change electricity tariff so that the battery charges at off-peak rates.  This means that you can drive down your electricity bill during times when your renewable generation is not producing.  Do you want introduce electrical resilience in the event of a power cut? For a small additional cost, an additional feature can be added to your battery design so when the grid goes down you can keep power for a number of specific devices in your home e.g. wifi, boiler etc.  Please contact us and we can take you through this feature.


When you use energy in your home, you are not necessarily maximising your renewable energy to its full capability as you could be exporting to the grid when generation exceeds your electricity consumption.  Effectively, you are getting a low return on your renewable investment.  By adding a storage device you can realise the full potential of your renewable energy generation by storing excess electricity. This can see a 25 – 40% reduction in your electricity bill.Battery prices start around £5,800* and The Electric Storage Company will help you understand your return on investment so that you know when you can expect to see full savings from your electricity bill. Don’t forget that a battery is a long term investment and it will last 15-20 years**.  If you do not already have renewable generation installed we can help with that too as The Electric Storage Company will design a bespoke solution for your property. If you receive ROCs payments for your existing renewable generation, installing a battery will not affect these payments.

*excluding VAT, installation and registration/licensing fees. 

**depending on household usage pattern.


By choosing us you’re choosing a company that will deliver a professional service from  installation right through to aftercare – we’re there when you need us. Check out some reviews from our customers (link to Trustpilot/testimonials at the bottom of the page?)

Safety First!  The Electric Storage Company only uses experienced,  qualified and certified professionals who have a proven track record in the renewable sector.  We also have a close working relationship with Northern Ireland Electricity Networks (NIEN) and will ensure that all mandatory applications and permissions are processed and granted on your behalf.  We want you to feel confident that a battery solution delivered by The Electric Storage Company is both safe and legal

We are a sonnen Platinum Partner, a world leading provider of domestic energy storage devices and we are authorised to install these products throughout Ireland.

So what happens next? Get in touch with us and come play with the chiefs not the cowboys.


The Electric Storage Company will go as fast or slow as you like and for those of you who are building a new house we will happily work with your architect and builder to ensure your battery system is integrated seamlessly into the building plans and electrical design.  The earlier you involve us the better.

In outline, a normal battery installation takes less than a day, but we will have to survey and agree a design with you prior to your installation.  Before we are legally able to install your battery The Electric Storage Company must inform NIEN by submitting the mandatory applications.  This usually takes around 2 weeks to be processed.  Once NIEN have granted authorisation to connect we will arrange an installation date* with you, install your battery and leave you with a system that is not only going to save you money, but help you reduce your carbon footprint

A summary of the entire process can be found in the diagram below.

*NIEN mandate that the battery has to be commission 90 days after authorisation to connect has been granted.

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