What is Electric Storage?

At The Electric Storage Company, we specialize in optimizing the value of renewable energy.

With increasing energy costs more and more households are looking for ways to lower energy bills. Moving to renewable energy e.g. solar panels enables you to take control of your future energy needs and protects from rising energy costs.

Implementing a renewable energy solution designed to meet your future energy needs is business critical.

Our team have over 40 years experience in the energy sector. We have the knowledge and expertise to provide an end to end renewable energy solution from consultation and design to implementation and management. Our solutions are focused on optimizing the value of each unit of electricity generated and used within your business. We achieve this with industry leading battery storage innovation and smart technology.

Using sophisticated data modelling, we will review and assess the energy consumption, demands and profile within the business and provide recommendations on the optimal renewable energy solution to :

  • Provide the best return on investment
  • Provide control and help future proof energy supply for the business
  • Accelerate the journey to net zero and decarbonization
  • Protect from price increases and volatility

We understand the challenges faced by industry. To remain competitive and relevant, businesses need to decarbonize by moving to renewable and sustainable energy sources. Energy is a major cost within many businesses and the upward trend of energy prices will impact further on profitability and customer pricing. Our solutions are designed to facilitate an effective transition to renewable energy. We optimise the value of the renewable energy you generate and help your business to keep a competitive advantage.

We do this through integrating renewable energy generation, battery storage and PARIS our energy management platform.

PARIS (Predictive Analytical Renewables Integration System) continually analyses your energy consumption to then predict and optimize the value of each unit of electricity produced through the use of smart battery technology and a Virtual Power Plant.

The functionality within PARIS enables you to either

  • use energy as it’s generated
  • store energy to be used at a later time
  • trade your energy on the SEM to generate a revenue stream
  • provide network services to the local power grid to generate revenue

Using data analytics, PARIS will learn your energy consumption patterns and will automatically make decisions to either use or store your renewable electricity. This means you reduce electricity purchased from the grid, reducing both cost and carbon emissions.

PARIS gives you the opportunity to harness renewable energy.

At The Electric Storage Company, our aim is to understand your business and future energy needs. We provide ongoing support and advice to ensure you get the most from your investment in renewable energy. We operate an ethos of continuous improvement and through an ongoing account management programme we ensure we are aligned to your requirements.

Our PARIS platform provides valuable insights and visibility of energy generated, energy consumed, savings generated and carbon reduction.

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