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A lot has changed in your average house since 1955. Tablets and games consoles have overtaken transistors and televisions, but one thing has remained the same – your electricity bill. Today’s energy market is fundamentally the same as in 1955....

Our co-funder Anne Marie getting the good news out around our sonnen partnership and Project Girona.

sonnen and The Electric Storage Company partnership delivers Project Girona and aims to bring storage and virtual power plants to households //t.co/ITIxw8VZ6S

I love it when a plan comes together 🙂

Following the official launch of Sonnen in the UK, we're excited to announce the launch of our solar and storage-based Virtual Power Plant (VPP) to support @GironaEnergy in Northern Ireland in collaboration with Sonnen.
Click to read the full press release

NI Chamber are running a very interesting session this morning on Skills. Good inputs from @NIElectricity Paula Leatherm and @CIPD Scottish experience. Making the most of people in large and small companies will be the differentiator as we emerge from current dark times.

Grassroots schemes across UK are tackling climate crisis //t.co/7gt1a60WO6
#gironaenergy is bringing such schemes closer on the island of Ireland.

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