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Why use Electric Storage? 

Your solar PV or wind turbines harvest electricity every day, but if you aren’t at home or using smart devices the energy is wasted. When you get home you need to use electricity. So, you have to buy energy from the grid, sound familiar? Thankfully, technology has caught up and you can now store the electricity your home produces. You will no longer need to buy as much energy from the grid, in fact, you may also be able to sell the extra electricity produced back to the grid.

You can save up to 70% on electricity bills!

How can I save money on my electricity bills?

Here at The Electric Storage Company our aim is to bring cheaper electricity to everyone. We do this through the combination of renewable energy e.g. solar panels, battery storage and advanced data analytics to optimise energy efficiency. The average house or business without a renewable energy source does not generate any electricity of its own and consumes all of its electricity from the grid.

Adding a renewable energy source such as solar panels or a wind turbine means you can generate your own electricity and save on electricity costs, however often the consumption profile (when you use the electricity) does not match the generation profile therefore any valuable excess electricity is either lost or sold back to the grid but at a lower price than you buy it at. By installing a battery, you can store any excess electricity throughout the day and use it later during peak periods, reducing consumption from the grid and saving up to 70% on electricity costs.  If your battery is full and you are still generating electricity you can still sell back to the grid.

Protect yourself from rising energy prices!

Why are energy prices rising?

Consumers and businesses are facing a steep increase in their energy prices this winter due to supply and demand issues on the global wholesale market. These supply issues create market volatility which results in higher prices.

You can take the power back into your hands with The Electric Storage Company. Through renewable energy technology and data analytics we manage your energy smarter. The cheapest electricity comes from renewable sources. Generating your own renewable electricity means you become more energy independent and are less susceptible to the ever rising energy prices. Our market leading renewable energy technology will optimise the electricity that you generate to either use when you need it or store for later resulting in savings of up to 70% on your electricity bills and reducing your CO2. Our NET HERO customer portal, which comes as part of our TESC ONE service, enables you to monitor and gain a better insight into renewable energy generation and consumption whilst smart battery charging ensures you optimise the value of every unit of electricity.

You can find more about TESC ONE here www.theelectricstoragecompany.com/tesc-one

Reduce your carbon footprint!

How do I reduce my carbon footprint?

Whether you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint in your home or your business, The Electric Storage Company is here to help you on your journey to net zero.

What is NET ZERO? Put simply it is seeking to find the balance in your carbon emissions – taking the same amount of carbon out of the atmosphere as you put in.

We’re able to help you start that journey to Net Zero with the installation of renewable technology utilising electric storage and smart technology, decreasing electricity purchased from the grid.

Our Tech


A cleaner future together with sonnen.

German engineering with 11 years of innovation and ingenuity allows you to take your energy future into your own hands.

Our Team

Our team, our ethos, and the kind of people we hire.

The Electric Storage Company is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland and through the work of our expert team, we are able to bring cheaper, smarter and greener electricity to the people of Northern Ireland.

Our Mission


Cheaper, Smarter, and Greener Electricity for everyone. 

Four D’s are very close to our hearts at The Electric Storage Company. We want to bring our customers to access and choice with their electricity by decentralising, democratising, digitalising, and decarbonising the electricity market. 


It’s more than just storage.


Making the complex, simple


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